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Our Story

Dream Girls University ("DGU") was first launched in 2015 to serve girls and young women in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. For several years, DGU successfully provided programming that allowed open discussion of the stressors facing today's youth and how those stressors can manifest, including body image, social media and peer pressure. In the wake of the pandemic, DGU has re-emerged with a focus on the development of young women and providing additional support, love, and encouragement to help our youth continue to navigate and grow and excel in a post-pandemic world.

Dream Girls University is an organization that ultimately offers a framework for young women to dream big while giving them the guidance and advice to reach their goals! Dream Girls University exposes young women, ages 12-21, to positive examples of successful influences and provides long-term mentorship opportunities. These mentor-mentee relationships serve to promote a positive self-image, encourage an elevated standard of conduct, and demonstrate the importance of self-respect and giving respect to and receiving respect from others.

Dream Girls University also carefully crafts events and workshops that provide a safe space for youth to discuss the many challenges our youth face daily. DGU strives to uplift the young women in our community by providing the girls with real-world experiences that exercise the tools needed for personal, mental, and emotional development.

DGU encourages young women to be creative and confident and elevate themselves from DREAMERS to FUTURE LEADERS.

We are dedicated to empowering young women to DREAM in accordance with our core values: Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Aspiration, and Mentoring.


Mission Statement


The mission of Dream Girls University is to inspire young women to be the best versions of themselves, live as big of a life as they desire, and fulfill their purpose. DGU strives to expose young women to real-world experiences that foster personal and educational growth. Dream Girls University is committed to offering mentorship programs, college tours, career explorations, scholarship opportunities, peer-to-peer social, physical, and educational team building exercises, and healthy living activities.

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