Complete 180
Math SAT Prep Registration

Parent/Student orientation will be held Wednesday March 23rd at 8pm EST

Program begins Wednesday March 30th at 8pm EST

Program sessions are held:

Wednesdays from 8 - 10 pm EST & Saturdays 9 - 11am EST

Math 2 or Algebra 2 completion required

Program will be 6-8 weeks

Complete 180 is an SAT Math preparation course whose primary goal is to help students achieve scores above 750. Through a cycle of focused instruction, deliberate practice, and constructive evaluation/correction, this goal is achievable:

Focused Instruction

To beat the SAT, you have to understand the test. For the SAT Math sections, each student has 80 minutes to answer 58 questions from various topics in mathematics. The number topics covered on the SAT is finite (though there are a lot of topics, you don’t have to know everything to get a good score). This course will teach students to be efficient (not only do you have to be accurate, but you have to be fast). The curriculum was built through a consolidation of knowledge gained through multiple efforts: 1. the dissection of previous SAT exams, 2. the evaluation of Khan Academy practice modules, and 3. Setting SMART goals and establishing healthy learning habits. 

Deliberate Practice

This course is intended to fine tune what students already know from school, and extend their knowledge with tips and techniques that are specific to SAT Math. Understanding and retaining what they know and learn will require deliberate practice: practice that is purposeful and systematic. Thus, any practice that we do in this course will be for understanding, and not simply going through the motions.

Constructive Evaluation/Correction

For this course, students will be quizzed and tested to establish a baseline and evaluate their progress. There will be some opportunities to obtain feedback directly from the instructor, but the majority of the feedback and correction will be from peer evaluation and small group work (Unlike school, we aren’t competing against the person next to us. We will work towards high scores together). Within the smaller groups, each student should have the opportunity to learn, teach, and solve problems with their peers, which are huge steps towards learning for understanding.

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